Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Master the Mainframe contest - BeNeLux edition

I ventilated my 'annoyance' you might say, a couple of times because the Master the Mainframe contest was (apart from one time) never held in Belgium or in the BeNeLux. But here it is now. I'm taking over some of the content of the site.

"In the Fall semester of 2014, IBM is running its annual Master the Mainframe Contest for University College students across Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
No experience with Mainframes is necessary. In fact, the contest is designed for students with little or no Mainframe experience, with increasing difficulty as the contest progresses. Students just need to bring drive, curiosity and enthusiasm! (...) Anyone who is currently a student at the university or college level can compete (18 years of age or older)".

Registration opens on September 19th! That's next Friday. The contest runs from October 20th until January 14th.