Friday, August 30, 2013

IBM software for zEnterprise

Here's some information on several topics :
  • Big Data Analytics : 90% of all data was created the last 2 years
  • DevOps : 41% of organizations experience delays in application development
  • Security : $5.4M average cost per incident of a security breach
  • Some similar data are available for Mobile, Cloud and Application Infrastructure.
And how to tackle them : IBM software for zEnterprise. Middleware for fast, scalable an secure enterprise systems.

You want to see in a nutshell which software corresponds to all this on the mainframe ?
Just check out this 2 page document, that you find over here.You can use it as an introduction to software on the mainframe to, well, to anyone who wants to learn about it or you can convince to learn about it.

Here's the screenshots to give you an idea.

Click on the images for larger versions

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

z/OS 2.1 Migration Guide and other resources

I mentioned an article by Marna Walle in Hot Topics where she also discusses the z/OS 2.1 Migration Guide and how they changed the format. But let me just quote her text about it :
'I can’t fit all of the information about migration actions into this one article, so make sure to review z/OS V2R1 Migration, GA32-0889.
Speaking of the z/OS V2R1 Migration book, you’ll notice that we’ve changed the format. We wanted to provide a more customized migration path to users, so we’ve divided the chapters in the book for those on a specific migration path. Chapter 1 contains an introduction to migration for all to use. Chapter 2 contains the migration actions just for those on the z/OS V1R13 to z/OS V2R1 path. Chapter 3 contains the migration actions just for those on the z/OS V1R2 to z/OS V2R1 path, which also includes all of the z/OS V1R13 migration actions. If you are coming from z/OS V1R13, you need only read Chapters 1 and 2 and Chapter 3.
If you are coming from z/OS V1R12, you need only read Chapters 1 and 2 and Chapter 4. We hope that you find this format easier to use and that it gives you a more useful scope when seeing your migration actions! Let us know your impressions'.
You can find the migration guide over here.

The title says : 'and other resources', so just know that there's an entire page dedicated to z/OS 2.1 migration and installation. You'll find a link to the Datasheet and the z/OS V2R1 FAQ in general.
There's a section with installation planning and migration resources where next to the migration guide you also find the z/OS Introduction and Release Guide, z/OS V2R1 Planning for Installation and some other useful publications.

Also, do take a look at the right side of the page under the 'Browse z/OS' tab : when you click on the Features and functions, Tools, Library and Support links, you get a nice pop up that refers you to more detailed information.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hot Topics Newsletter - Issue 27

I'm glad to see that the Hot Topics Newsletter is back with a new issue. For some or other reason they skipped the February release, but luckily they're back with an issue largely focusing on z/OS V2R1 and the new System z Enterprise functionalities like Flash Express, IBM zAware, large pages ...

Let's have a look at some articles on z/OS 2.1. Hot Topics is after all subtitled 'a z/OS newsletter'. There's a general introduction to z/OS 2.1 but there's more. How about a new approach to your migration levels. I'll just give you a little teaser with this illustration.

Marne Walle gives you a quick introduction on how to prepare your next move : migrating to z/OS 2.1. But I'll come back to that in one of my next posts. The last one I want to mention is an article on JCL enhancements : 'Limits on JCL PARm - solved!', 'Batch Job Parallelism - increased!', 'JCL needing system symbols - enhanced!' . . . 

There's also news on z/OSMF. Good news seem to be that it has "a new slimmer look". 'The new version is rebased on the Websphere Application Server for z/OS V8R5 Liberty profile and includes only the features of Websphere needed for z/OSMF, making the  package much lighter (...) It’s approximately 350+ MB rather than the 1+ GB it was before'. I've also read somewhere that it's using considerably less resources too. Another teaser ? 'Wouldn’t it be nice to check the IBM z/OS Workload Manager (WLM) service definition quickly when you notice that  workload performance is suffering? Wouldn’t you like to view the performance results of the service definition changes that you made? Now with z/OSMF, you can do all this with one mouse click!

As I always say, just check it out !