Monday, January 26, 2009

The Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2009

I just saw on Mainframe Update that the new Arcati Yearbook for 2009 is out. It has every ingredient the previous issues had too. There are some strategic articles on 'IBM z/OS VWLC software pricing optimization', 'The credit crunch: the impact on System z (aka mainframes)' and 'Staying on top of Enterprise Extender'.

We have the usual vendor directory listing vendors, consultants and service providers in the mainframe environment. The media guide points out some newsletters, magazines, user groups and information resources. I'm glad to see my blog is mentioned once again. It closes with some technical information, time tables and allthough no one should ever refer to them again the mips tables are also included.

And surely don't forget their pièce de résistance, the annual User Survey : 'The 2009 Mainframe User Survey - An analysis of the profile, plans, and priorities of mainframe users'.

As I always say : just check it out !

Friday, January 23, 2009

IBM System z Technical Conference in Brussels

There's an 'IBM System z Technical Conference' from 4 to 8 May, 2009. I know I'm well in advance mentioning this, but the sooner you know this, the sooner you can get into action to enroll. You can find all details over here.

Just a short introduction :
"This 4 1/2 day conference will help you boost your advanced mainframe skills or begin with mainframe basics, improve planning of hardware/software investments, test drive new technologies in hands-on labs, and see product demonstrations in the Solutions Center.

IBM System z™ Technical Conference, featuring z/OS®, z/VM®, z/VSE™, Linux® on System z™ and Storage, is the IBM conference devoted to you, the skilled professionals who support the mainframe environment. (...)

Technical experts from IBM System z™ development, System z customers, and the community of independent software vendor (ISV) providers will share their experience and expertise for a memorable week of technical education. More than 200 sessions cover technology topics and new product advances".
Who should attend ?
  • Mainframe (z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM) programmers, system administrators, technical support managers
  • Linux professionals who want to add mainframe skills
  • Performance analysts, managers, data center managers
  • Hardware or capacity planners who want to learn how to master, manage and exploit information
  • Anyone who plans to implement, manage, or operate z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on the IBM System z

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vote for DB2 and mainframe crossword

Just a quick note that also gives me the opportunity to mention a couple of valuable DB2 resources. I picked this up from Graig Mullins' Blog via DB2 Planet : Vote for DB2. Just follow this link and you can vote for your favourite DBMS. I have no intention whatsoever to influence you voting behaviour but yours is DB2 of course. The poll isn't that recent, but while you're there, do check out the mainframe crossword they also put up on the site.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

T3 files antitrust complaint against IBM in Europe

PSI was taken over by IBM last year and T3 didn't seem to take that much action, but that has changed now. The European Commission already tackled another giant (Microsoft) because they sold their Media Player together with Windows. Now there's another round about selling Internet Explorer together with Windows and so once again establishing a monopoly.

It seems like T3 took an example from those actions by the European Commission and it now files an antitrust complaint against IBM. T3 was together with CSI the main distributor of FLEX-ES and it also developed its Liberty Server based on PSI technology. As we all know, IBM decided not to license its operating system to PSI or to Fundamental Software any longer. After the take-over of PSI, T3 was the only remaining competitor.

I'm really curious how this will turn out, though we already know this might take some (read : considerable) time.

Some more information
Without any doubt : to be continued !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

General Price Action on System z

Here's the annual general price action for mainframe: 'General Price Action on System z, eServer zSeries and S/390 Software Program Products (ZA09-1001)'.Usually this announcement comes in April and becomes effective in July, so we're three months early this year. Crisis everywhere ?
It affects a range of MLC software. Some products like z/OS can have a price increase between 0% and 3%, others will have an increase between 0% and 5%. Here IBM seems to make a distinction between supported and end-of-support versions of software. E.g. DB2 9 and DB2 V8 are in the first series, DB2 V7 is in the second series. Time to move on to supported versions I'd say.
For the detailed lists, check out the announcement itself.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Webcast : Accelerate your Migration to z/OS V1.10!

Hi, I finally made it back to Blogland. As we're only in the first weeks of the first quarter, it's already been a busy week. Let's hope that's a good sign.
So, I'm actually a bit late to bring this under your attention, but this afternoon (Europe) there's a webcast on migrating to z/OS by Marne Walle. Here's the content of the webcast :
Are you interested in installing z/OS V1.10? Or, maybe you are in the middle of your migration and you need some questions answered? This webcast will give you hints, tips, and best practices to help expedite your move to z/OS V1.10 and all the new functions it provides. (...)
Following a short introduction on what's new in this latest release of the operating system, this webcast will cover technical installation requirements for your z/OS V1.10 environment which can help jump start your migration. There will be time for a live Q&A where you can get your questions answered.
This session will be of interest to systems programmers and their managers who are planning their migration to z/OS V1.10. If you are running z/OS V1.8, it's time to move forward! IBM service for z/OS V1.8 will end September 30, 2009.
Further details :
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009
Time: 8am PT (San Francisco Time), 11am ET (New York Time), 5pm CEST (Paris Time)
Duration: 60 minutes

Click here to registrate.