Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Red Alerts subscription service for zSeries

I just see this Red Alert passing, so I might as well mention it to you. There's this Red Alerts Subscription Service that warns you when there's a real red alert everyone should know of. You can sign up for notification and don't be afraid to be flooded with warnings. In the last two years there were only 11 Red Alerts. This last one is about "Sysplex-wide hang on resource SYSIGGV2 on z/OS 1.4 through z/OS 1.8". What's it about ?
After the installation of the PTF(s) for APAR OA18860, a sysplex-wide hang can occur waiting for CATALOG resource SYSIGGV2 which requires an IPL of the system holding the resource in order to to recover. The PTFs in error include: UA30834, UA30835, UA30836, UA30837 UA30838 for z/OS 1.4 through 1.8 respectively. A restart of Catalog is not sufficient to clear the condition. Please see APAR OA19429 for more information.
More info and recommended actions can be found over here.

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