Wednesday, September 12, 2007

z/OS V1R9 Migration Checker

I mentioned the z/OS V1R8 Migration Checker last february. Now Marna Walle announces the new version of it on the IBM-Main Discussion List. You can find details about the migration checker, where to download it and reference to an article about it in the Hot Topics Newsletter in my previous post. The checker has been enlarged to cover new z/OS 1.9 migration actions but it still covers all z/OS 1.8 migration actions from the previous release, so no need to keep using the old version.

A short description from the z/OS Download Page :
"The IBM Migration Checker for z/OS can :
  • Alert you to migration actions that you should plan for in the future
  • Detect migration actions that you can do now to ease your migration to z/OS V1R9
  • Verify that you've done the migration actions correctly when you're running z/OS V1R9"

Still valid : "incidentally, several programs can even help with migrations to z/OS V1.7!"

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