Thursday, October 4, 2007

Price Action on Websphere Products

Stepping into the supermarket a price action is usually (always) a good thing : prices are going down. IBM learns us that 'price action' must have a neutral connotation as this price action actually means an increase in price. It's almost exactly the same range of products that were affected last year :
  • 5655-P27 IBM WebSphere Process Server for z/OS V6 (S&S)
  • 5655-L86 IBM WebSphere Business Server Foundation for z/OS V5 (S&S)
  • 5655-I59 IBM WebSphere Message Broker z/OS V6 (S&S)
  • 5655-K58 IBM WebSphere Event Broker z/OS V6 (S&S)
  • 5655-G98 IBM WebSphere Message Broker Rules & Formatter extension for z/OS V6(S&S)
  • 5655-R16 IBM WebSphere Enterprise Server for z/OS V6(S&S)
  • 5698-S37 IBM Tivoli Business Systems for z/OS (S&S)
  • 5655-K13 IBM WebSphere Portal Enable z/OS (S&S)

The new prices are effective January l, 2008.
For Belgium (and most European countries) there's a price increase of 3%.
You can check out the announcement letter for other countries.

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