Thursday, May 22, 2008

Show and Tell

When I started this blog and had to chose a name I wanted to add Belgium to indicate my location. But what about the main title. Weren't mainframes supposed to be dynosaurs, extinct, definitely not cool. Even IBM turned to zSeries, System z and what next ? So I still decided to stick with the old-fashioned term 'mainframe' because I liked it and people around me knew what I was talking about. And now I see practically everywhere the term mainframe gets to be used again. Even in this nice, little 'Show and Tell' movie. I know it mentions EMC, but still, I like it, especially when the father explains what mainframes are doing. Talking about a culture clash. Just watch it :

And while I was browsing through some mainframe movies at Youtube I came across another, I'd say, Show and not even Tell. The Mainframe and The Green Data Center explained in less than a minute.

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