Monday, August 24, 2009

z/OS V1.11 - Smart, adaptive, trusted, efficient

Last week IBM announced z/OS V1.11 : 'z/OS V1.11 - Smart, adaptive, trusted, efficient (ZP09-0277)'. I'm not going through all the details here as it's far too extensive. So I will focus on a couple of details I find interesting and give you some links to more information.

First of all there's quite some attention to simplified management which seems to be a new step in the Five Year March to Simplification which was announced in 2006. However, I'll come back to that in a next post about the new z/OS Management Facility.

There's a couple of things to tell about the specialty engines too. First "DB2 utilities sorting fixed-length records using IBM's memory object sorting technique, especially LOAD, REORG, and RUNSTATS utilities, will have a portion of the workload offloaded to a zIIP". But there's more : "z/OS V1.11 is enhanced with a new function that can enable System z Application Assist Processor (zAAP) eligible workloads to run on System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs). This function can enable you to run zIIP- and zAAP-eligible workloads on the zIIP". Yes, that's right, if you have no specialty engines for the moment or you only have a zIIP, you can run zIIP-eligible ànd zAAP eligible workload by acquiring or using just one zIIP. That might be good news for smaller customers. It makes you wonder about the difference between zAAP and zIIP and whether the zAAP will eventually be phased out ?

Also take a look at the statements of direction. There are quite some of them. I just want to point out one, which will not affect that many customers, but still, I see some customers that will be affected : its the one stating to "discontinue delivery of software on 3480, 3480 Compressed (3480C), and 3490E tape media". There are alternatives of course with IBM strongly recommending to switch to Internet delivery when ordering z/OS products. If this is not an option IBM also intends to deliver on DVD media.

z/OS 1.11 will become available on September 25, 2009 and can be ordered from September 11, 2009 onwards. Last possible order date for z/OS 1.10 CBPDO or ServerPac is October 13, 2009.

And here are some additonal links to more information on z/OS 1.11

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