Tuesday, October 13, 2009

System z ITSO Workshop Tour 2009

Just like last year IBM organizes some System z Workshops in November. For Benelux it's at the IBM Forum in Brussels and at the IBM Training Center in Amsterdam. These workshops are "completely devoted to the latest technology IBM System z Platform, taught by several 'guru' members of the IBM ITSO Department of Poughkeepsie". There are 5 1-day workshops which focus on :
  • System z Hardware Update
  • Technical Seminar on z/OS. Latest Release V1 R11
  • Parallel Sysplex update and High Availability
  • System z Virtualization (z/VM and Linux)
  • System z Networking Technologies Update
Links for dates, content, enrollment prices etc : Belgium and Netherlands. You can also launch a search for other countries. You will also notice that there are some other workshops as well (e.g. on DB2, CICS Transaction Server, IMS ...).

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