Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red Alert : Possible corrupted backup copy for some zHPF and PDSE users

Here's the first Red Alert for 2011 :

Possible corrupted backup copy for z/OS 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 users of zHPF (High Performance FICON) & PDSE users with PTF's for OA30025 or OA34009 applied..


Only users performing logical dumps of PDSE data sets under the following conditions, (this is also true for HSM BACKUP and MIGRATION):

  1. PTF's for OA30025 or OA34009 are installed
  2. The PDSE to be backed up resides on a device which supports zHPF channel programs
  3. zHPF processing is enabled

PDSE backups taken after the installation of PTFs for OA30025 or OA34009 should be considered as suspect.

Please see APAR OA35260 (Media Manager) & OA35296 (PDSE) for additional information.

Recommended Actions:
  • Apply ++APARs for OA35260 & OA35296 as soon as possible, or
  • Backoff PTF's for OA30025 and/or OA34009, or
  • Disable zHPF until ++APAR can be applied

If you want to have en overview of all past Red Alerts, then take a look over here. You can also subscribe on that same page so you'll be notified of any future Red Alert.

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