Thursday, July 14, 2011

New IBM System Storage Tape Controller 3592 Model C07

Just a couple of months ago, IBM announced a new TS1140 Tape Drive with a native data rate performance of 250MB/sec and matching uncompressed 4 TB tapes. Unfortunately, at the time, this was only announced for open systems.
Now the mainframe is catching up : 'New IBM System Storage Tape Controller 3592 Model C07 enhances performance and connectivity (ZG11-0211)'.
"Tape Controller Model C07 has up to four 4-Gbps FICON attachments. The Tape Controller Model C07 offers four 8-Gbps Fibre Channel adapters for attaching 3592 Tape Drives, and up to 16 of the IBM 3592 Tape Drives can be attached to a single Tape Controller Model C07. The controller can be installed in an IBM 3952 Tape Frame Model F05, IBM TS3500 (3584) Tape Library frames, and stand-alone racks".
The 3952 Tape Drives that are mentioned are not only the TS1140 but also the TS1130 and TS1120 Tape Drives. "An available fibre channel switch feature is required to attach more than four 3592 Tape Drives to the Tape Controller Model C07 (...) The switch may be ordered as a feature on the controller or the customer may supply the switch". The controller also still requires a TS3000 System Console.

The new thing however about this controller is that it comes with library management fuctionality. This means that you no longer need a separate 3953-L05 Library Manager. "For high availability, the first two Model C07 controllers that are connected to a common TS3500 logical library will both have the library management feature. This will allow library activity to continue during code loads and outages on any single controller".

Planned Availability Date : September 9, 2011

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