Thursday, August 18, 2011

IBM Announcement : DS8000 withdrawals

My next few posts will cover the announcements that were issued during my holiday.

I'll start with a DS8000 announcements with some withdrawals : 'Hardware withdrawal: IBM System Storage DS8000 series select processor memory and microcode features - No replacements available (ZG11-0209)'.

Summarizing all processor memory for the DS8100 and DS8300 models is withdrawn from marketing, effective November 18, 2011.
Next to that 'Microcode Bundle Family - Release 5.1 Bundle Family' is WDFM for the DS8700 and 'DS8000 Licensed Machine Code - DS8000 LMC R6.0' is WDFM for the DS8800. This is effective October 3, 2011.

Replacements : None.

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Anonymous said...

The memory hardware withdrawals are not surprising. IBM withdrew the Power5 p570 in August 2008, nearly three years ago. So once the reserves of features runs low... the feature needs to be withdrawn. Three years was a good run. IBM remarketing has plenty of choice for clients who still want to upgrade... so you can still order that through your IBM sales rep.

The firmware withdrawals just reflect the fact that the plant is making new DS8700 and DS8800s with the current bundle (6.1). We definately don't want to ship bundle 5 anymore and 6.0 does not support all the new features.