Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ITSO System z World Tour coming to Belgium

I received this mail a couple of weeks ago from Jan Tits from IBM Belgium. So, here's the contents :
"The ITSO system z Tour consists of 5 workshops completely devoted to the latest IBM System z Platform technology, taught by several ‘guru’ members of the IBM ITSO Department of Poughkeepsie. These workshops are for anyone involved in the setting up of infrastructure hardware and software, necessary for the optimal use of the most recent mainframe models of the IBM System z
As always, the ITSO tour also stops in Belgium. Don't miss this opportunity!"

IBM z/OS Latest Version Technical Update (1.13)28/11WRZ002BE
IBM latest enhancements to sysplex, performance, and availability in z/OS29/11WRZ003BE
IBM zEnterprise System Technical Update30/11WRZ001BE
IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager Overview1/12WRZ015BE
Building a service-oriented cloud architecture using Linux on IBM System z2/12WRZ004BE

Don't panic when you live in another part of the world. If you're lucky, it might still be coming your way, too. Check it out over here.

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