Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Workshop : Tuned for the Task - Linux on System z

You know I'm still quite happy with the name of my blog. It's not always that simple to pick a good name. I opted for the term 'mainframe' at a moment when the word seemed to have quite a negative connotation and wasn't even used by IBM at that moment. Time has proven me right I guess. But I also added Belgium for a reason. It was my intention to mention only events when our Belgian customers could attend them. Much has changed of course, since we saw, or see, more and more webcasts taking over real life events. But they still happen of course.

So here's one at the IBM Research and Development Center in Boeblingen. Yes, it's a good 5 hour drive from Brussels, but I think it's worth your while. It's a free two day workshop taking place on Tuesday March 13 and Wednesday March 14, 2012. You can find all information over here where you can also register for the event.

"In this two-day technical-oriented workshop on March 13th and 14th in the IBM Boeblingen Development Laboratory you have the chance to speak directly with IBM developers and experts about the technical capabilities of Linux on the IBM System z server systems. You will get first-hand information, and you can exchange your experiences with other customers".

Here's a sort summary of the agenda :
  • What's New for Linux on System z
  • Linux on System z Performance Update SLES11 SP2
  • Storage Options for Linux on System z and Comparison DS8K, XIV and Storwize V7000
  • Linux on System z Networking
  • Live Demo: Integrating x86 workload into Linux on System z environments
  • Live Demo: Debugging with Linux on System z with Valgrind
  • Linux Health Checker

You only have to make your own travel and accomodation arrangements. If you're planning to go and want more information or some help in planning, do contact me, I'll be glad to help you with it.

And, as I always say, do check it out !

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