Friday, August 30, 2013

IBM software for zEnterprise

Here's some information on several topics :
  • Big Data Analytics : 90% of all data was created the last 2 years
  • DevOps : 41% of organizations experience delays in application development
  • Security : $5.4M average cost per incident of a security breach
  • Some similar data are available for Mobile, Cloud and Application Infrastructure.
And how to tackle them : IBM software for zEnterprise. Middleware for fast, scalable an secure enterprise systems.

You want to see in a nutshell which software corresponds to all this on the mainframe ?
Just check out this 2 page document, that you find over here.You can use it as an introduction to software on the mainframe to, well, to anyone who wants to learn about it or you can convince to learn about it.

Here's the screenshots to give you an idea.

Click on the images for larger versions

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