Friday, September 6, 2013

Sampling TechDocs - Up to August 2013

It's been some months, but here I am again with an overview of interesting TechDocs documents I came across while browsing through the latest publications. If you're completely unfamiliar to Techdocs, here's an introduction to it.
  • FAQ : SMC-R RoCE FAQ Frequently Asked Question
    Hey, I wish I had that one when I first had to write about this for my introduction on the zBC12. As you've read earlier IBM has announced SMC-R in z/OS v2.1 and RoCE feature support in zEnterprise EC12 and zBC12. SMC-R and RoCE provide high throughput with low overhead communications.For all the rest of the information : see this FAQ.
  • Flash : Changes Planned for z/OS Preventive Service Ordering
    "IBM plans a number of changes to z/OS preventive service ordering. z/OS preventive service orders will be based on installed products, which is intended to make order content a better reflection of the systems to be serviced".
    • Presentation : An Overview of Mainframe Security for Non-Mainframe Personnel
      "This Power Point provides an introduction and overview to the comprehensive security suite available on System z. The target audience is intended to be IT Management or IT Security personnel who may not be familiar with some of the concepts and facilities of System z".I would add : target audience is definitely also mainframe personnel.
    • Technical Document : HyperPAV setup with z/VM and Red Hat Linux on zSeries
      This is a "How to Document on steps required to define DS8000 ECKD DASD Subsystem Disks with HyperPAV feature enabled in a Linux on zSeries environment". Examples are  based on Red Hat 6.3 Linux O/S for zSeries. This is the real technical stuff !
    • Technical Document : TS7700 Virtualization Engine Series - VEHSTATS Decoder
      This is a very nice one too, when you have to interpret the VEHSTATS presentation output. It gives you a sample of each possible output and describes how to interpret each field. Essential document !
    Well that's it for now. And, as I always say : just check them out !

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