Friday, January 10, 2014

Order z/OS 1.13 Today !

Thanks to Jan Tits (IBM Belgium) for bringing this to my attention at the very right moment. Although many customers are already migrating to z/OS V2, there are still customers running z/OS 1.11 that may need to order z/OS 1.13 to migrate forward. If you still need to order z/OS 1.13, then DO IT TODAY. Last date to order is January 17.

You know that z/OS 1.11 is already out of support since September 30, 2012. Even with Lifecycle Extension you only get a fee-based corrective (fix, bypass, or restriction to a problem) service until September 30. 2014. z/OS 1.12 is out of support on September 30, 2014 with no lifecycle support afterwards. So if you're still on one of those two : time to move on !

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