Tuesday, April 8, 2014

RealDolmen System z e-zine 21 : Anniversary edition #mainframe50

The 21st issue of our RealDolmen System z Newsletter was sent out yesterday. You can download it over here. Just like the last time, there's just one English version. No more Dutch or French versions. Do go and take a look at it. There's some contect that hasn't been on the blog. perhaps I'll put my contribution on OpenStack here as well in the coming days.

The content : here's the introduction that was sent along :
Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the mainframe. IBM announced the S/360 mainframe on this very day emerging from a 5 billion dollar investment initiated by its former president Thomas Watson Jr. And just like with any anniversary you can do two things. On the one hand you can reminisce about the past, celebrate important achievements and tell heroic stories. On the other hand it’s always the perfect moment to look towards the future and determine future strategies in order to hold your place in a competitive world. Of course today we will do a bit of both since one can learn a lot from the past and we need to keep an open mind towards the future. You can read all details in this newsletter.

We’ll give you an overview of some sites, happenings and social media which are giving a lot of attention to this anniversary. But we will also point out a couple of solutions and trends that are definitely positioning the mainframe in the future. One of those items we already mentioned a couple of times in our blog is OpenStack. This is also becoming a very relevant platform for our mainframe. Next to that we’ll also introduce IBM Wave for z/VM to you. These solutions point towards some future accents like ease of use, bridging the knowledge gap and open standards with software defined environments.

Finally, we still have our usual entries with recent announcements, interesting blog entries, EOS dates, hints and tips and our agenda.

Enjoy the reading !

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Aeldra Robinson said...

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