Monday, November 23, 2015

Back in town after an absence of two months, what's next ?

Well, if you come by once in a while, you will have noticed that I've been out for a couple of months. And you've also read why. In the end the concussion, and the accompanying headaches; were, or still are, the worst. I'm gradually building up my working hours and I'm really astonished at how much stuff is happening in just a couple of months.

So I only now found out about the new DS8000 announcements, LTO7, some Red Alerts, news about new versions of DB2 and IMS and I'm trying to get a good view on LinuxOne. Oh, and I also missed the z/VSE anniversary. I think I'll have some 'recap' blogs on some of those items. If you've already read all about it elsewhere, then just skip them and if you're solely depending on my blog for your z Systems news, then you already have a pretty good idea what the next topics will be about.

So, just to let you know : I'm back !

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