Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Draft Redbook : DS8880 Architecture and Implementation Guide

At the beginning of the year I promised myself I would try to post some more and not wait until I had enough material for an elaborate post. Despite my absence of two months I already wrote more blog posts than last year. So, this seems to work alright for me.

So here's a quick one : the Draft for the IBM Redbook on 'DS8880 Architecture and Implementation' is out and can be downloaded over here. I don't think I have to explain the purpose of this redbook to you, so let me suffice by giving you the table of contents.
Part 1. Concepts and architecture
Chapter 1. Introduction to the IBM DS8880
Chapter 2. IBM DS8880 hardware components and architecture
Chapter 3. RAS on the IBM DS8880
Chapter 4. Virtualization concepts
Chapter 5. DS8000 Copy Services overview
Chapter 6. Designed for performance
Part 2. Planning and installation
Chapter 7. IBM DS8880 physical planning and installation
Chapter 8. IBM DS8880 Management Console planning and setup
Chapter 9. IBM DS8880 features and licensed functions
Part 3. Storage configuration
Chapter 10. Configuration flow
Chapter 11. Storage Management GUI
Chapter 12. Configuration with the DS Command-Line Interface
Part 4. Maintenance and upgrades
Chapter 13. Licensed machine code
Chapter 14. Monitoring with Simple Network Management Protocol
Chapter 15. Remote support
There you go, some free Christmas Holiday reading.

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