Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Introduction to the New Mainframe : z/VM

What started off as a beginner's (student) guide for z/OS, is becoming a full grown series of interesting introductions to the mainframe. Last time I mentioned the 'Introduction to the New Mainframe' series, I was particularly pleased to see a VSE introduction coming out.

The only main operating system still missing was the VM introduction. Well, here it is too. It's still a draft version, allthough I have the impression it's pretty complete.

The abstract : "This textbook provides students with the background knowledge and skills necessary to begin using the basic functions and features of z/VM, including z/VM version 5, release 3". But also z/OS people should be interested : "Others who will benefit from this textbook include z/OS professionals who would like to expand their knowledge of other aspects of the mainframe computing environment. This course can be used as a prerequisite to understanding Linux on System z".

The topics covered are : Basic z/VM concepts, Conversational Monitor System (CMS), Control Program (CP), Advanced Structures and Commands: CMS, Advanced Structures and Commands: CP, The REXX Programming Language (tentative), CMS Pipelines, Performance, Storage Management Software, Networking, Security, System Integrity and High Availability.

Enjoy the reading !

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