Friday, July 6, 2007

Sampling Techdocs : June

I presented some Techdocs publications about a month ago, so here we go again with another load of interesting documents from last month.
  • Flash : 'System z: CFLEVEL 15 Causes Coupling Facility CF Structure Size Growth'.
    A new level of CFCC (CFLEVEL 15) was made available in May, 2007. "This new CFCC level introduces new functionality which will require existing CF users to increase the size of their structures. This Flash provides the needed planning information". Take a look at this 2-page document warning for significant growth in the size of certain CF structures. You are strongly advised to use the CFSizer before installation.

  • I already mentioned the TS3500 Slot Calculator last year. With the announcement of LTO4 support, there's a new version available.

  • White Paper : 'Tivoli Workload Scheduler on z/OS: Using Negative Run Cycles'.
    This white Paper documents the use of Negative Run Cycles or in common English : you can prevent a scheduled job from running under specific conditions. E.g. you have a weekly 'end-of-the-week' job, but at the end of the month, you can schedule it not to run. There's a very good explanation of the feature and an example with lots of illustrations ;-)

  • White Paper : 'SuSE® Linux® on System z® Getting Started Tutorial'
    You've installed Suse Linux on your System z, you're new to Linux and you want to give it a try. Then you can follow this tutorial with some exercises making you familiar with some common commands, accessing a graphical interface using the VNC server. . .

  • Presentation : 'WSC Experiences with IPSec on the zIIP Processor'.
    If you're interested in this topic, then this is a very nice presentation explaining what IPSEC is, what workload is eligible for the zIIP, how it's done, how you can measure it, how to size, the RMF reports . . .

  • Presentation : 'IBM System Storage & System z Synergy'.
    Nice presentation on the interaction between z/OS and several storage components treating topics like methods to reduce the number of UCBs, eliminating backup windows, business continuity (TS7700 multi-site solutions) and lots more.

This is just a selection of some documents that drew my attention. If you have other interests, there's a lot more at Techdocs.

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