Friday, August 24, 2007

IBM Systems Magazine

I mentioned Destiation z some time ago and it's via Destination z that I came across this 'IBM Systems Magazine'. Destination z refers to the Mainframe Edition, but the site is larger than just mainframe. There's quite some stuff to read online, but there's also the newsletter you can subscribe to. I must admit I didn't know it at all. Main article in the latest issue is 'DB2 Table Space—Is It Time to Redesign?' on the new index and tablespace options in DB2 9. Another article : 'Ahead of the pack' describes how "z/VSE V4.1 provides a cost-effective mainframe solution to clients of all sizes".
The archive goes back to 2002 and there is a nice 'tips' section with e.g. 'Systems Programmers Tips and Tricks for ISPF', 'Exploring TSO and ISPF' and 'Digging Into the Bag of ISPF Tricks'. And hey, where have we seen this before, there's also a Buyer's Guide.

I won't be posting next week as I'm on holiday for another week.
Tuesday, I'm off to London with my son to see Prince and I'm really looking forward to it !!!

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