Monday, August 13, 2007

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #17

Hello, I'm back in Blogland after a three weeks rest. I see I have a lot to catch up with and I'll inform you as I progress through a stack of mails and other info that has come my way during those three weeks.
I'm starting off with a publication I always look forward to. The new issue of the Hot Topics Newsletter came out last Wednesday. If this is the first time you hear about this newsletter, be sure to check out the back issues as well.
This issue counts about 30 pages more (80) than any other previous issue. One of the reasons for this is the addition of 'How-To' articles "that offer practical information for accomplishing common tasks on System z. This issue, our experts provide step-by-step instructions for simplifying your WLM administration, migrating to zFS file systems, viewing your z/OS file systems on Windows, and invoking SDSF through REXX commands".
The main focus this time is on the specialty engines. One article focuses on "the development of specialty processors from the early days of the S/370 Model 3033 through the rise of the RISC and CMOS processors in the 1990s, to the present day with zIIP and zAAP". Another one "describes the exploiters of the zIIP and zAAP and points to future application enhancements that promise to help lower the overall total cost of ownership (TCO)".
But there's so much more in this issue like "many articles on the new functions in z/OS V1R9" and others focusing on "simplifying your work, with articles on using System Logger with SMF recording, z/OS Health Checker, controlling group capacity limits, invoking REXX routines with System REXX, and configuring z/OS Communications Server".

So, as I always say : just check it out !

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