Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DB2 Accessories Suite for z/OS

yesterday I saw this announcement on DB2 and IMS tools (zp08-0262) that caught my attention. Mainly because it talks about a no-charge suite of DB2 tools called 'DB2 Accessories Suite for z/OS' (5655-R14) I hadn't heard of before. It seems to be a new version of 'Data Studio Administration Console' which up to now only supported health and availability monitoring for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V9.5 through a web-based user interface. This has now been extended to DB2 for z/OS, V8 and V9.
What can you do with it ?
  • View selected health and availability information regarding databases and troubleshoot problems using expert recommendations:
    • Monitor the health and availability of databases.
    • Drill down into warnings or alerts for a specific database.
    • Browse alert history.
    • Troubleshoot problems using expert recommendations.
  • View the health of Q replication, troubleshoot problems, and generate reports:
    • View and monitor the health of Q replication configurations.
    • Drill down into the details about the programs, queues, subscriptions, or publications.
    • Generate message, exception, or latency reports.
You need a data collector and agent on z/OS to enable these functions. The Web-based Data Studio Administration Console component is available as a Web-download at

You can find more information on the IBM web site as well.

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