Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sampling Techdocs : April - May 2008

Here we go again for our bi-monthly selection of TechDocs documents :

  • Presentation : Implementing TPC for Replication on z/OS and Basic HyperSwap
    We've already talked a few times about Basic HyperSwap. Well, here's an additional, interesting presentation on Basic HyperSwap with the emphasis on TPC-R and how to install and implement it. There's also a Trifold on 'Basic HyperSwap Availability Options'.

  • Technical document : z/OS Positioning Software for the z10 EC Server
    This is such a useful document which is reworked for every new server generation. It describes software and operating system support for the z10. It provides information on the PSP buckets and how to use the Enhanced PSP Tool. Other topics : the change of Hardware memory granularity, new zArchitecture instructions, HiperDispatch, cryptography . . .

  • Technical document : IMS Version 10 Installation and Migration Tips
    Well, just quoting the abstract gives you a good idea about its content : "This document contains planning information for installations migrating to IMS Version 10. It includes a list of prerequisite software and APARs. It describes considerations for compatibility with previous versions of IMS and for use with DB2 and CICS. Migration tasks are explained. Tips for migrating to IMS 10 from either IMS 9 or IMS 8 are provided. The document includes extensive references to other information on IMS Version 10".
  • Flash : z/OS Availability: Blocked Workload Support
    Starting point of this item is a potential threat to application availability. The threat to availability occurs when an address space or enclave (of low importance) is CPU starved while holding a resource needed by other (high importance) transactions.
    The document highlights a new function on z/OS 1.9 called blocked workload support. It is intended to allow small amounts of CPU to be allocated to workloads which are CPU starved in order to prevent this availability problem. It will also be rolled back to z/OS 1.8 and z/OS 1.7.
Well that's it for now. As I always say : just check them out !

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