Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sampling Techdocs : June - September 2008

Hello, here we go again for another round of interesting material from TechDocs.
  • Tool : Slot Calculator for TS3100, TS3200, TS3310, TS3400 and TS3500(3584)
    I've mentioned the Slot Calculator a couple of times before but now it also includes some other libraries. It already includes the Gen3 cartridges and the new HD tape frames (s24 and s54) too.

  • White Paper : z/OS: Planning Considerations for HiperDispatch Mode
    One of the new functionalities introduced with the z10 EC : with HiperDispatch mode, the intention is to manage work across fewer logical processors. It's important to have some notice of this functionality because all LSPR benchmarks are performed with HiperDispatch mode on. This document describes the functionality, some processing benefits and WLM Policy considerations.

  • Technical Document : Capacity Planning for zAAP and zIIP Specialty Engines
    zIIPs seem to be the talk of the town for the moment. I've just read some nice comments on the DB2-List and the IBM-Main List about zIIP eligibility, on which I hope to come back later. If you want to find out whether the zIIP is something for you, take a look at this and do check if all requirements for getting results are fulfilled at your site.

  • FAQ : Migration from an old version of COBOL to Enterprise COBOL on Z/OS
    I've programmed in COBOL for about 8 years and I can honestly say I still fluently 'speak' COBOL. So when a document like this one shows up, it definitely catches my attention. The question here is : "What is involved in COBOL Migration from an old version of COBOL to Enterprise COBOL on Z/OS?".

  • Flash : Withdrawal of z/OS Function
  • Technical Document : z/OS Positioning Software for the z10 EC Server
  • Presentation : Open Systems Adapter (OSA) Feature Code History
    Three reference documents that contain lots of useful information. Everyone should check out the first two once in a while and certainly when you upgrade your operating system or your hardware model.

  • Technical Document : IBM HyperSwap Technology - z/OS Systems
    I've mentioned other documents about this subject and discussed it in the (then) Dolmen System z Newsletter. This paper gives you an overview of the three variations : GDPS with HyperSwap (the full function), GDPS HyperSwap Manager and z/OS Basic HyperSwap. It describes their distinct functionalities, the prerequisites and it helps you decide which flavour is fit for your environment.

  • Presentation : Monitoring and Managing z/VM and Linux for System z
    How to monitor the architecture, monitor the virtual Linux Performance, performance scenarios and possible solutions, Automated operations requirements, Automated operations scenarios . . .
Well that's it for now. As I always say : just check them out !

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