Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Webcast : Introducing Smart, Cool, Affordable Technology for the Data Center

I qoute from the invitation :
Attend This Webcast And Find Out How This New Technology From IBM Can Take Your Data Center To The Next Level

There is new technology on the horizon that could change the way your organization thinks about IT. Technology that delivers the granular scalability, flexibility, and resiliancy required for any organization that wants to ramp up innovation, boost efficiencies, and lower costs - pretty much any organization, any size, any location. Technology for a new kind of data center - resiliant, responsive, energy efficient - a New Enterprise Data Center.

Find out what the buzz is all about and how it can rewrite the rules and deliver new freedoms for your organization. Whether you want to deploy new applications quickly, grow your organization without growing IT costs or consolidate your infrastructure for reduced complexity, we invite you to attend this webcast and find out how.

Are You Ready For What The Future Holds?
I guess it's pretty obvious what this is about, no ?

Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Time: 8am PT (San Francisco Time), 11am ET (New York Time), 5pm CEST (Paris and Brussels Time)
Duration: 60 minutes

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