Monday, November 17, 2008

IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager Trial

Last week IBM announced a new release of IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager for Linux on System z V4.1, an IBM Systems Director plug-in (ZG08-0512). Here's the overview from the announcement :
"IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager V4.1 software, an IBM Systems Director plug-in, is available on Linux on Power, Linux on System x, Linux on System z, AIX, and Microsoft Windows to help you monitor and manage the power and thermal usage of your IT environment. AEM is a unique energy management software tool that can provide a single view of the actual power usage across systems in your infrastructure as opposed to the benchmarked power consumption.

The main new features in this release are:
  • Web-based user interface requiring only a browser
  • Soft power capping
  • Energy thresholding
  • Group capping
  • Integration with Emerson-Liebert's SiteScan management application
  • Additional power savings modes
  • Support for non-IBM hardware (PDU and UPS) as documented in the product library
  • Command-line interface support"
There's also a IBM web page on IBM Systems Director and one specific page on the Active Energy Manager. And now here's the interesting part of that page : it mentions a 60-day trial of Active Energy Manager.
"Take the opportunity to see for yourself for 60 days how this solution will enable you to identify, monitor, measure, and manage energy consumption across your organization, right down to the system, chassis, or rack level. Once the trial ends, you can continue to use the monitoring functions — such as power trending, thermal trending, and PDU+ support — at no charge. For continued use of the management functions beyond the 60-day trial, the offering must be purchased".

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