Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sampling Techdocs : October - November 2008

Hello, here we go again for another round of interesting material from TechDocs.
  • White Paper : Migrating to WebSphere z/OS V7
    Here's an 87-page document on migrating to WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7. The document starts with the big picture and some Frequently Asked Questions on timing, common problems and gotchas etc. It further describes "the process involves planning the migration, customizing the migration jobs using the MMT tool, and submitting the jobs to perform the migration".

  • Technical Documents : WebSphere for z/OS - Version 7.0 Handouts for WBSR7 Wildfire Workshop
    Next to this, here's a collection of updated presentations and Hands-on labs on Websphere 7 for the wildfire workshops. Topics covered : Overview, Using the Spreadsheet and WCT to build a Deployment Manager, Adding a Managed Node, a Server and Clustering, Accessing Data (JDBC, JCA and Messaging) and New V7 Functionality -- the "zDiff" Items.

  • Technical Document : WLM Workload Analysis Using RMF
    "Even if you have been running in goal mode for a long period of time and everything has been executing well, there are many changes that may trigger a need for reviewing and modifying goals set in the policy". This document explains the use of RMF (RMF Monitor III and the RMF postprocessor) and what to look for when e.g. service class goals are not met.

  • Technical Document : z/OS 1.10 Installation Plan Checklist
    Betty Brody publishes this "z/OS 1.10 Installation Plan checklist for installing and migrating to z/OS 1.10 from a previous z/OS release. To be used as a supplement to existing product publications".

  • Technical Document : System z and zSeries I/O Feature Reference Table
    This is a really nice document : which connectivity (OSA-Express, Ficon, ISC) is used on which server ? I've immediately printed it out as this will surely come in handy !
Well that's it for now. As I always say : just check them out !

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