Wednesday, January 21, 2009

T3 files antitrust complaint against IBM in Europe

PSI was taken over by IBM last year and T3 didn't seem to take that much action, but that has changed now. The European Commission already tackled another giant (Microsoft) because they sold their Media Player together with Windows. Now there's another round about selling Internet Explorer together with Windows and so once again establishing a monopoly.

It seems like T3 took an example from those actions by the European Commission and it now files an antitrust complaint against IBM. T3 was together with CSI the main distributor of FLEX-ES and it also developed its Liberty Server based on PSI technology. As we all know, IBM decided not to license its operating system to PSI or to Fundamental Software any longer. After the take-over of PSI, T3 was the only remaining competitor.

I'm really curious how this will turn out, though we already know this might take some (read : considerable) time.

Some more information
Without any doubt : to be continued !

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