Thursday, May 14, 2009

Short Takes

As promised, here are some short takes on some publications, teleconferences ...
  • Teleconference : Tivoli System z storage – Technical update on Tivoli storage family
    This teleconference is actually tonight at 17.00h Brussels Time (15.00h GMT). The contents : "This telecon is an overview of IBM’s strategy for managing z/OS® storage environments. We’ll discuss details about each layer of the z/OS storage management strategy, including process management, the IBM Service Management foundation and operational management. We’ll show how the strategic z/OS storage management product, OMEGAMON® XE for Storage, fits into the strategy and how the rest of the Tivoli® z/OS storage management portfolio works together to address common z/OS storage tasks and resolve problems. We’ll also give you a brief review of the new Tivoli Service Management Center for System z®."
    If you can't attend today, it will also be available for replay.
  • z/Journal April/May Issue
    I know, it's been out for a couple of weeks now, but I only got to have a look at it now. Some topics are Java enhancements to CICS TS 3.2, Storage Resource Management and the reduction of energy consumption (green, you know), why the Linux operating system with the IBM System z makes an ideal virtualization platform, z/VSE 4.2 new features, how DB2 9 for z/OS can improve a Data Warehouse's Performance (including reduction in the amount of CPU DB2 9 uses versus DB2 v8) and many more.
  • IBM Systems Magazine May/June 2009
    I actually owe these people an apology for what I wrote earlier about the online version of the magazine. I still don't like these online versions, but I didn't notice there is also a .pdf version of the magazine, which I like a lot better. To make it up, here's the .pdf version of the previous issue. Main topics : "In this issue’s cover story you can read how IBM continues to protect your virtual resources with z/VM offerings for mainframes. (...) Read how you can implement a Dynamic Infrastructure on your System z server. In this issue’s case study, you’ll see how the City and County of Honolulu used both Systems z and System p servers to create a dynamic IT environment".

  • Tivoli Software demos
    I came across this page via a link to this video on IBM's Green data center management solutions. But there are lots of other videos (demos) on e.g. TPC, TPC for Replication, System Automation, Workload Automation, Provisioning Manager, Identity Manager etc.
  • PC Tip van de Week
    OK, second and last time I'm making some shameless publicity for another blog of mine. Unfortunately, or luckily some might say, it's in Dutch and I have one post a week with all kinds of basic hints and tips on PC usage. If not for the tip, you might want to check out my musical choices I add each week. If this 'sounds' familiar it's actually an idea I took over from Willie Favero's blog.

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