Friday, March 6, 2009

More short takes

Here are some more short notes :
  • Did you know there's a CICS e-newsletter telling you lots of interesting stuff about CICS communication, CICS highlights, CICS events, CICS resources, CICS people, Training and development. I didn't. That's why I mention it now. There are some previous editions over here and you can register over here.
  • Talking about CICS information. I mentioned this before but Andrew Bates has a great newsletter/presentation with lots of CICS Links. The most recent version came out this week and you can find it over here. If you want to receive it personally, you can send Andrew a mail and ask for it.
  • Talking about presentations. When you get a presentation in .pdf format, do you know how to play it as a presentation. Press CTRL+L. Just try it, you'll see.
  • The March/April issue of IBM Systems Magazine is out. I assume the printed version (for US) is very nice, but I must say I just hate the kind of flashy (pun intended) digital version we get presented outside the US. The link's over here. And for those who want to share some mainframe memories, the last page is dedicated to mainframe memories from the good old days. I also liked the article on the 'Performance Toolkit for z/VM'.
  • Will Windows really run on System z ? There's already a buzz on the net about it. Come and see next week, I'd say. Mark Fontecchio e.g. mentions the lecture from Mantissa taking place at Share in Austin where they will present z/VOS, a CMS application, which will support Windows on z/VM. I'll come back on this when we have the facts.
  • For my Dutch speaking readers I would like to make some publicity for another blog I write in my free time. We must admit, though we're mainframe people, we all use PCs nowadays. And it often suprises me that people don't seem to know how to do very simple things with Word, Excel etc. So I'm writing one post a week, giving you all kinds of hints and tips I regulary share with others. Like the CTRL+L tip for .pdf documents I just mentioned. If you understand enough Dutch, just take a look at my 'PC Tip van de Week'.
Well, that's all for this week. Have a nice weekend !

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