Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Mainframe surviving and thriving in a turbulent world

I mentioned a CA mainframe survey a couple of posts before. Now it's out with an accompanying video by Marcel den Hartog.
I also already told you that the survey revealed that while on average 50% of all corporate critical data are on the mainframe, the cost on average is only 19% of the total IT-budget.
But there's more : there's also information on how in companies with a 'connected' mainframe (connected "within a distributed, web-enabled enterprise"), the mainframe even plays a more important role than in those that are not connected. And here I have to make the link to some of IBMs strategies which were presented during the last months. The concept of a new mainframe (zFuture) is also including more connectivity to other platforms. I'm sure I will come back to that in future posts.
Next to that there's also information on security and on how to find a solution for skills shortages.

Here's the video :

I'll let you discover the rest of this EMEA survey yourselves with the press release, the introduction page and the survey itself.

By the way, there recently was also a CA Survey predicting a growing use of Linux on the mainframe. Here are the press release and the survey : 'Usage and Plans for Mainframe Linux'.

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