Thursday, April 23, 2009

The mainframe ? Expensive ? Not at all ! ! !

I'm attending the Belgian GSE Regional Conference today and tomorrow. And if there's one number that got stuck into my head it was 19%. Let me explain : one of the speakers today was Marcel den Hartog of CA. A great speaker, if you ask me, entertaining, tongue in cheek but always very informational. He told about a survey CA held in EMEA among a whole bunch of large companies. One point of the outcome : on average 50% of mission critical applications is running on the mainframe. But . . . the average percent of IT budget spent on the mainframe is 19%. Can you believe it ? Apparently at CA they couldn't either, as Mr. den Hartog told, so they contacted the companies again to confirm their answers and they DID ! But now you have to turn it around. What does that also mean ? The other 50% is running on what, on distributed systems ? I guess so ? And at what cost ? You don't need a mainframe to do the math on this one.

If you want to read more : Marcel den Hartog put this result also on the CA EXEC I/O Mainframe blog. So, as I always say, just check it out ! It's a great read with more information on this topic.

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