Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red Alert - VSAM datasets with invalid creation dates being deleted in some cases

We already saw more alerts by the half of this year than we had in any previous year. Here's the latest one : 'z/OS 1.8 and z/OS 1.9 with PTFs for OA28473 can result in VSAM datasets with invalid creation dates being deleted'

"HSM may expire and delete VSAM data sets because of an invalid creation date caused by a DSS RESTORE or HSM RECALL/RECOVER of a VSAM data sets. This occurs after the application of PTF's UA46732/UA47067 for z/OS 1.8 or PTF's UA46733/UA47068 for z/OS 1.9 when DFSMSdss alters the creation date of the VSAM data set to an incorrect date (e.g. 1901.921 or something similarly invalid). You can see the invalid date via LISTCAT or IEHLIST for the data set. DFSMShsm may expire these data sets during Primary Space Management or Secondary Space Management based on your expiration attributes in the associated Management Class for the SMS managed data sets or based on the specific expiration date for Non-SMS managed data sets.

DFSMShsm uses DFSMSdss Logical Data Set RESTORE to RECALL and RECOVER VSAM data sets, therefore the same problem can result.

See APAR OA29102 for additional details and methods to identify data sets that may have been affected."

Recommended Actions:
Please apply fix for OA29102 to prevent the problem.

If you want to have en overview of all past Red Alerts, then take a look over here. You can also subscribe on the same page so you'll be notified by mail of any future Red Alert.


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