Thursday, July 2, 2009

zPrime - some more information

I was telling yesterday about zPrime and that there was little information on how it technically works. Well, Al Sherkow (co-presenting the webcast on zPrime on July 15, 2009) comments on this in the IBM-Main list :
"I’ve worked with many ISVs, but typically NDAs are signed and I am not allowed to even disclose a relationship exists. I have been consulting with Neon Enterprise Systems in relation to zPrime. I am an independent expert and the information in this IBM-Main posting is no longer under my NDA.

Neon Enterprise Systems is not using the API in zPrime. They have invented a new way of enabling work for the zXXP engines and that is a 'trade secret'
of Neon Enterprise Software."
To be continued . . .

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Anonymous said...

IBM has reacted quite strongly to this. They intend to charge for ALL work moved to a zIIP processor if ANY "non-eligible" workload is moved, as that would be a violation of existing agreements with their customers.