Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IBM Announcement : withdrawal of OSA-Express2 1000 Base-T

Following the withdrawal from marketing of the Crypto-Express2 card on the z10, we now have the withdrawal from marketing of the OSA-Express2 1000 Base-T Card : 'Hardware withdrawal: OSA-Express2 1000BASE-T Ethernet and TKE 5.3 LIC for System z (ZG09-0993)'. Read it carefully, because I was a bit confused myself too. I first had the impression it was also for the z9, but then I realized there would be no replacement for it on the z9. OSA-Express3 1000 Base-T is only available on the z10. For the z9 the announcement is only about TKE 5.3 LIC which is replaced by TKE 6.0 LIC.

Planned date : December 31, 2009. Oh, and keep in mind, as we mentioned earlier, the z9 itself is withdrawn from marketing effective June 30, 2010.

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