Tuesday, November 17, 2009

System z9 : withdrawal from marketing June 2010

Here's the EMEA announcement letter for the withdrawal from marketing of the z9 BC and the z9 EC : 'Hardware withdrawal: IBM System z9 - Replacements available (ZG09-0421)'.
"Effective June 30, 2010, IBM® will withdraw from marketing the IBM System z9® Business Class (z9™ BC) and System z9 Enterprise Class (z9 EC), all models, features, and upgrades. This includes all upgrades from IBM eServer™ zSeries® 800 (z800), or IBM eServer zSeries 890 (z890), to z9 BC and IBM eServer zSeries 900 (z900), or IBM eServer zSeries 990 (z990) to z9 EC."
So if you want to do any upgrades on your z9 systems, do it before June, 2010.
Replacements are of course the z10 models.
Mind you, withdrawal from marketing has no impact on the support of the z9 machines.

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