Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Linux on IBM System z: A silent clip on the past and the present

I found this one via the z/VSE Twitter account : http://twitter.com/IBMzVSE. Ok, you might remember I wasn't too enthusiastic about Twitter at first. Well, I'm still no prolific user of it. Here's my account if you're interested : http://twitter.com/mwambeke. Most of my tweets however are automatically generated when I have a new post over here and some retweets of tweets (by other people) I really like or of which I think they might have some value to other people too. But I think the real value is in picking who you follow and trying to get good, first-hand information as soon as possible.

So I regularly pick up some information on webcasts or new publications or even 'fun' items like this one. So I would like to share this little movie with you. Hope the z/VSE people don't mind my redistributing it.

By the way : did you recognize any one ? You should have !

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