Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Alert for z/OS with PTFs for OA30513

Here's a Red Alert for z/OS with PTFs for OA30513 :

z/OS with PTFs for OA30513 can experience data loss due to deletion of logstream datasets that are not eligible for deletion

With OA30513 applied, Logger dataset delete processing does not properly maintain the lowest valid point in the logstream leading to data loss. The following describes the circumstances when the problem can occur:
  1. PTFs for OA30513 are applied
  2. A logstream has allocated many offload datasets and is using more than one dataset directory or dataset directory extent
  3. This logstream is defined with AUTODELETE(YES) and a non-zero retention period (RETPD)
    This logstream is defined with AUTODELETE(NO), and the logstream's data is being trimmed
When these conditions are met, there is a code defect where Logger can delete more datasets than it should. Applications attempting to browse the logstream can get back a gap condition or an error indicating the requested data cannot be found.

There are no Logger messages or displays that will externalize the loss of data. Please see APAR OA32737 for further details.

Recommended Action:
Option 1: Restore the PTFs for OA30513. Going back to the environment pre-OA30513 will remove the exposure to data loss.
Option 2: Contact the support center for a ++APAR.

If you want to have en overview of all past Red Alerts, then take a look over here. You can also subscribe on the same page so you'll be notified by mail of any future Red Alert.

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