Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Iron : The Mainframe Story (so far)

Update : updated the links, the video is nog longer found at the Systems Magazine link

It's always easier to watch a movie than to read some or other white paper or redbook that's trying to convince you of all the fantastic aspects of the mainframe and how every other technology is taking over all these aspects. Well, here it is : the history of mainframe in a 30-minute video. Just go and watch it over here.

A brief summary ?
"CA Mainframe Chorus and IBM Systems Magazine co-present the documentary film that chronicles the mainframe's origins and storied history and glimpses its bright future.
Each chronological segment features events, photos, video, and factoids from Stonehenge and Alan Turing to System/360 and virtualization to z10 and beyond, including conversations and reflections from experts, historians and the people who made (and make), the innovation happen."
Just watch it and spread it across your company. Most of the companies have a portal nowadays. You know, where people go and look at your picture to know who you are. Well, I put a link to this movie up there with the words :
Is the mainframe dead ?
Just not your cup of tea ?
Then just have a look at this video :
It'll give you a good idea of what I've been doing for the last 20 years
... And what every one of us is doing now

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