Friday, June 25, 2010

Two white papers on DS8700 and Easy Tier

I wanted to mention these two documents in one post as they are sort of related. The second one however didn't show up on Techdocs until last week.

The first one is titled 'IBM DS8000 Storage Virtualization Overview Including Storage Pool Striping, Thin Provisioning, Easy Tier' and it was already published in 2009. But, now it's been largely enhanced covering subjects like Storage Pool Striping function, Thin Provisioning facility, Quick Initialization function, Easy Tier facility. It really gives you a great introduction and lots of practical information on all of these topics. And do not immediately associate Easy Tier with SSD only. You can also already do great stuff with the Manual Mode.

The second one is 'IBM System Storage DS8700 Performance with Easy Tier'. As you can see, this is specifically concentrating on Easy Tier (unfortunately DS8700 only). It discusses performance with automatic and with manual Easy Tier modes. And it also discusses the use of the Storage Tier Advisor Tool. So, you can already ask yourself the 'What If' question : what if I had SSD installed. What would be the performance boost for me ?

So, two documents definitely worth checking out if you're even only remotely interested in Easy Tier. And while I was browsing through Techdocs, I also found this presentation on Easy Tier which was only added last Tuesday : 'Accelerate with ATS: Easy Tier Webinar'. No audio for the moment, but it will perhaps be added in the coming days.

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