Monday, March 14, 2011

Hot Topics Newsletter Issue 24

I'd rather've seen some of the articles of the new z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter half a year ago, because great emphasis is on the introduction of the IBM zEnterprise System. On the other hand it has the advantage it can already look back for more than half a year and give some insights from early experiences.

The first 25 pages are almost entirely dedicated to the zEnterprise with a general introduction, a glossary, some info on migration, an interactive guide to working with and setting up an ensemble (even for the less experienced HMC user), an introduction to the Smart Analytics Optimizer and how it's integrated with DB2 for z/OS. An especially interesting article (to me, at least) is 'Policy, Performance and Pizazz' describing how "zManager provides policy-based monitoring and dynamic processor adjustments to ensure that multi-tier applications that span System z hardware and BladeCenter hardware are managed with sufficient processor resources". zManager provides IRD-like management for the zBX as it can adjust processing allocations of virtual servers. Nice !

What else ? A lot of course, so I'll just give a brief selection of some articles. There's e.g. one on DB2 10 and security. There's a FAQ-like article on the VSAM CA Reclaim function that reduces DASD usage and data set reorganization. And as I've indicated already several times that z/OS 1.12 should give you some performance benefits, there's proof of this in the contribution of Steven Jones : 'Your mileage may vary, but on z/OS V1R12 it is definitely going to be better !'.

You can download the PDF version from the z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter page.

And, as I always say, just check it out !

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