Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Novell Connection Magazine

Some time ago I had a post with a Picture of the Day.Well here's a similar one :

Where did I find it ? Well, it accompanies an article of the Novell Connection Magazine. The article is about server proliferation and all the problems it causes. The solution is of course very simple : "The New Linux Math: zEnterprise System = z196 + IFL + zBX + SUSE Linux Enterprise + zManager". Oh well, I'm not going to take part in the Suse vs. RedHat discussion. This is just another comprehensive article on the use of Linux on System z and how the story will even get more interesting once IBM will provide the x86 based servers for zBX later this year.

I also learn that apparently the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer is a Suse Linux Enterprise-based appliance. Such an appliance is built by Suse Studio "with an integrated, preconfigured, and fully supported enterprise-class Linux operating system ready for deployment anywhere from desktop to cloud". This technology "to easily build scalable System z server images" will also be made available later in 2011.

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