Friday, April 22, 2011

Google or IBM Support Portal

We may well be ranting about the young internet generation. You know : if you can't find it on Google, it doesn't exist. Well . . . I think I largely underestimated, or should I say, overestimated the age of lots of mainframe system engineers. Or, by now lots of them are contaminated by the younger generation. Why do I say so ?

Well, yesterdag I put up this new Red Alert on my blog and it referred to
APAR PM37396. But what did I see : I really had a lot more readers than on previous days. And that during a holiday period ? So I took a look at the statistics of my blog and what did I see ? More than 50 people who arrived at my blog via the search argument 'PM37396'. I got curious, Googled it too and what do you know, my blog post came up first !

There's an alternative, people, and it's called IBM Support Portal. That's where 'real' system engineers go looking for an APAR ! Try it, if you haven't before. You'll like it.

And for those who still prefer to Google. OK, I admit, I referred to the APAR without mentioning the link. So, as a reward for clicking through to my blog : click here !


Anonymous said...

It's just quicker to use Google. It's set as a lot of people's home pages, so no hunting in Bookmarks, like you'd have to do for IBM's portal.
Also, I've known Google to be a better way of searching for content than some vendors own "search" buttons on their own webpages.

Anonymous said...

If the google hit is linked to a IBM site, it's ok for me to use it.
On the other side, there are definitely some younger "mainframers" out there. ;O)