Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Alert for any customer running Linux on z/VM

Did you know there was a z/VM Red Alert page too. I must admit I did not. So, thanks to Pamela Christina for directing me towards it via the IBM VM discussion list. The z/VM Red Alert page can be found over here. If you want to get notified of future Red Alerts, just click on the 'Notify Me' tab on the left hand side and fill out your e-mail address.

Now, what's this Red Alert about ? Here's a quote.
APAR VM64862 is in error
APAR VM64862 has been found to be in error. Installing this APAR may result in ABENDHRM003. APAR VM64965 has been opened to correct the problem and is planned to be available by the end of April 2011.
Any customers running Linux on z/VM
All details about this Red Alert can be found in the following .pdf : 2011 z/VM Red Alert

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