Monday, April 2, 2012

Price Change for Enterprise Cobol V3 and Enterprise PL/I V3

Despite the release date of this announcement, it looks like this is not a joke : 'Price Changes for Enterprise Cobol for z/OS full and alternate functionV3 and Enterprise PL/1 for z/OS full and alternate function V3 (ZA12-1012)'.

Before you read any further : this announcement is NOT for EWLC and AEWLC customers.

We had similar price increases for 'older' products like CICS TS V3 and DB2 V8, so now Cobol and PL/I have to follow. The arguments are the same : IBM has continuously added functionalities to these versions without significant price increases. Now it wants to level the prices with the more recent versions of the products. In the meantime the support for COBOL V3.4 and PL/I V3.9 will continue until at least December 2013.

Average percent increases are shown for 500 MSUs. For Belgian VWLC customers e.g. this means an increase of 8% for Cobol V3 Full Function, 10% for Cobol V3 Alternate Function, 14% for PL/I Full Function and 16% for PL/I Alternate function. The same percentages are given for AWLC customers except that the Cobol V3 Alternate function only increases 6% ?

Check out the announcement for your specific country to see what's valid for you.

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