Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Take the Destination z Tips and Techniques CHALLENGE!

Want to win a z114 LEGO model ?
Got a great tip or technique to share ?
Then take a look over here.

I admit it, though my blog is mentioned on Destination z, I don't come on the site very often. I don't want to sound sceptical but it's really a tough job to start up a new mainframe community or community site. There's already the GSE and SHARE communities, there's the Listserv discussion lists, which may look old-fashioned but every one is using them and they're very effective.

But here's a nice initiative that may lure you to the Destination z site :
Got a great tip or technique to share? (...) A LEGO model of an IBM zEnterprise 114 could be yours if you post the winning submission! To enter the Destination z Challenge, community members can simply login and post their best mainframe tip or technique in the z & A forum thread below. Not a member of Destination z? Join now! Entries will be accepted through May 4. At that time, three finalists will be chosen by an expert panel and voted upon by Destination z members. The top vote-getter will be announced in June! See our complete contest rules.
Now, you're tempted, aren't you ? You with all your experience have lots of tips to share. Even without having a look at the tips that are already there, you just know you have a better one, don't you ?

So, just have a look. It's over here. And if you haven't registered yet, you can do so over here.
You never know you can even learn something from the others. And while you're there, take a look around !

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