Thursday, May 3, 2012

DB2 10 for z/OS - Free eBooks

Here's some more DB2 for z/OS news. As you all know, last Monday (April 30, 2012) DB2 V8 for z/OS went End of Support. So, no wonder that there's lots of information to be found on DB2 10 for the moment. Here's two eBooks about DB2 10, you might find interesting.

The first one has been circulating for some time now : 'DB2 10 for z/OS - Cost Savings . . . Right Out of the Box' can be found over here. it's a very good introduction to DB2 10 focusing on three areas : cost savings, simplifying database management with more automation and providing proven technology. The objective of this book is to give you an update on the latest functions, features, and benefits. I must say it succeeds very well in doing so. Nice introduction.

The second one is new, I think, and it concentrates on upgrading to DB2 10. 'DB2 10 for z/OS - The Smarter Faster Way to Upgrade' can be found over here.
"The objective of this book is to help customers plan their migration strategy effectively and efficiently by providing the right information, facts, and guidance.
This book is segmented into two parts:
I. Planning for DB2 10 for z/OS upgrade
II. Gaining the financial benefits of DB2 10 for z/OS"
 If you're upgrading to DB2 10 be sure to have a look at this document from John Campbell, Cristian Molaro and Surekha Parekh. If I'm correct, John Campbell has recently given a series of webcasts and presentations on the subject. If you have a look at the download section of the GSE Belux DB2 Working group, you can also find the two presentations he gave for that workgroup : 'DB2 10 Migration Planning and Very Early Experiences'.

So, as I always say, just check them out.
And, if you didn't know it yet, End of Support date for DB2 9 for z/OS is June 27, 2014.

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